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May 29, 2012
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Chapter 2: Another Fallen Victim.

*Note: If you don't know how Wolfie looks like, just take a look at the Chibi sitting on the Ipod above the text.

*Note: The story takes place on when the story was brand new and still in the process, Hope can see in the future, so she knows what Kishimoto originally planned for the anime, so in some episodes, she is going to have kishimoto rewrite the script to the way she wants it, being a Grim Reaper and all.

*Note: Right now Team 7 is continuing to live there life before each episode, so hopefully that explains some things XD




I slammed my hand on the desk next to me, my eyes still closed. I sat up and stretched, yawning with my mouth wide open.

"Ugh, That was some crazy dream!" I said rubbing my eyes, then opening them, Hoping it was a dream, but I was immeditly shot down with Reality...Or was it reality? Oh gawd.

"Dammit!...Looks like i'm actually going to live in here for a while." I said getting up, and opening the door.

I went to the living room to look out the giant window to see the sun just barely rising. 'I always said that the Anime sunrise was a little bit more beautiful than real life, that and i barely even got to see it in real life.' I chuckled at my thought.

"Hope?" a voice said.

I turned around to find Sasuke just barely getting up, his hair a mess, and his shirt, a little to big, sliding of his shoulder, He looked so cute that i could have hugged him.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty!" I said with a humorous voice.

"Shut up." he said yawning. "I'm surprised you got up before me, i'm usually up earlier then people." He said continuing to rub one of his eyes.

"Yha, it surprises me to.." I said thinking about how i would always sleep in during weekends and summers, and how i would always be late for school.

"Well anyways i'm going to get prepared for today." He said

"Alright, i'll make breakfast, Pancakes sound good?" I said.

"Sure." He said walking off to his room again to get changed "And i'll put your clothes in your room Hope!"

"Kay!" I said walking towards the kitchen. Until i heard a little thud outside.

"...What was that.." I said walking towards the front door and opening it. But when i looked i found no one or thing outside. 'Well that's strange.' I thought, until i heard Party Rock playing, I looked down towards my feet to find an Ipod playing it.

"H-how did this get here? I never thought Ipod's would exist in Naruto.." I said until i heard a well familiar voice complaining how her ass hurt.

"....No way is that...Wolfie?" I said shocked picking up the Ipod, only to find a chibi
girl clinging on the headphones for dear life.

"HOPE?!" she said shocked "YOUR HUGE!" She said.

"No..Your just small." I said putting her on my hand putting the Ipod in my pocket.

"Hope where were you...Hope why do i look like my OC...And why do you look like your Anime self...AND WHY AM I SMALL!!!" She said extremely confused.

"Okay, Wolfie, Were in the Anime Naruto, Which means were in an anime, that's why we look like our Characters." I said.

"...Your kidding right." She said.

I explained to her how i got here, The Wish, The TV, and i explained to her whats happening to me right now, Me being in Team 7, and working with Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura, and living with Sasuke.

"DUDE THAT'S AWESOME! YOU GET TO BE WITH YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!!" She said jumping up and down from my hand "Plus, You get to live with you-know-who." She said in a kinky voice.

"Be careful Wolfie, I might drop you." I said embarrassed, she pleaded me not to.

"Anyways how did you get here? Do you remember?" I said walking inside and setting her next to the stove, I needed to get started on breakfast.

"Well, I was working on an Ipod collab that i wanted to do, and I was wondering where you were, You were gone for 5 days, you weren't on DeviantArt which was strange, cause your usually on-" She said but i interrupted her.


"Hachi whats wrong?" Sasuke screamed from his room.

"I-its nothing Baka! Just continue what your were doing!" I replied.

"H-Hachi?" Wolfie said giggling a bit. "Shut it before i squish you. Anyways continue."

"So as i was saying, I continued to wonder where you were, i thought you were probably on a fun vacation or something, and before you disappeared you told me how sunny and bright it was, and how where you live was safer than where i live, That's when i wished i was with you, where ever you were, and that i could live with you, that's when the drawing of me in the collab suddenly got up on its on, I didn't animate it so i was scared, and the next thing i knew i was here." She said finally finishing the story.

"...So you got here just like me?" I said putting it simple.

"Eeyup, Pretty much." She said.

"Great just great...And you do know that what you said in your wish, might mean you will be living with me in this anime forever, in chibi form, until a time comes where i might be able to get out, and that your family might be worried shitless because of this. I know my family is, and my other friends.." I said.

"...Eh it isn't that bad, At least my dream came true and that i'm finally in an anime, with my BFF." She said in a funny matter.

"Lol true." I said giggling a bit, finishing the pancakes. That's when Sasuke came in. Me and Wolfie looked at each other, that's when i shoved her in my shirt making her have to sit on my boobs. She just stood quite.

"Um, Hachi you okay?" Sasuke said a little confused sitting on one of the stools and leaning on the counter.

"I'm fine Baka." I said emotionless, handing him a plate of 3 pancakes. "Now i'm going to go get ready." I said walking towards my room.

"Don't take to long, we have to leave soon." He said in reply.

I turned around giving him a "shocked" look. "YOU DON'T SAY?"

He giggled a bit. "Just go get ready."

I ran walked to my room, taking Wolfie out of my shirt and placing her on my bed, then i got my outfit which was folded up on my chair and started putting it on.

"Nice outfit." Wolfie said laying on my bed.

"Thanks, anyways i need to leave soon, do you wanna come? If you do come your gonna have to sit on my boobs again, or just Hang around in my collar." I said.

"....Eh, why not, I got nothing better to do anyways." She said. I let her climb back on my hands and let her jump down to the inside of my shirt, she was trying to make herself comfortable on my boobs.

"...You enjoying yourself?" I said blushing a bit at how she kept moving around on them.

"Eeyup!" She said finally sitting down, I walked back to the living room where Sasuke was waiting for me, we went out the front door, Sasuke locked it, and we headed to the training grounds, where are team is suppose to meet and wait for our sensie, with a chibi laying comfortably on my breast inside my shirt.


We arrived at the training grounds to find Sakura there already waiting, she looked up and smiled running to us, she tried to hug Sasuke good morning but was immeditly declined, i just went to go lean on the fence and stood quite.

"Haha, can't she take a hint?" Wolfie said peeking from my collar.

"Oi! Get back in before one of them spots you!" I said whispering.

"Haihai, Just don't get your panties in a bundle." she said sitting back down on my breast.

"But how lucky are you, to be with your favorite team in Naruto!" She said back.

"Yha it is cool." I said coolly getting into character.

"Lol, your so fangirling on the inside, i know you TO well!" She said giggling.

I was about to reply with something sarcastic until I heard a screaming blonde.

"SAKURA-CH-" he stopped dead in his tracks until he seen me. I looked up in confusion. So did Sakura.

"HOPE-CHAN~~~!" He said giving me a big hug.

"O-OI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I said shocked. Sakura and Sasuke were speechless, he usually did this to only Sakura, and was usually denied, and now Sakura was furious, she some what regretted not being the only girl on the team, but having another girl made her calm down as she thought of all the things we could do together.

Sasuke just turned away annoyed by all the noise. That's when i smirked and went for it.

"Aww, Sasuke want a hug to?" I said a bubbly voice smirking, trying not to laugh. Wolfie on the other hand was laughing hard, no one heard her but me, Thank god.

"Tch, Like i want one!" He said turning his head.

"Aww don't be like that!" I said walking towards him.

"O-oi! Don't you dare!" He said backing away.

"TO LATE!" I said giving him a big hug, He blushed a bit and tried to push me off.

"G-GET OFF ME!" He said trying to push me off.

"Haha, You such a baby!" I said getting off him, I then turned to find Sakura extremely pissed, and Naruto laughing his ass off while in shock at the same time...Was that even possible?

"Hope.." Sakura said trying to surpass her anger.

"Sakura don't worry!" I said patting her back, "I won't get in the way of your non-real relationship!" I said giggling.

He hated to show it, but Sasuke started to laugh as well, hearing that from me, he couldn't help it.

"S-Sasuke-kun.." Sakura said having a river of tears coming from her eyes, that's when a cloud of smoke came out of nowhere, and within it was our sensie, Kakashi.

"Yo!" He said to us.

"YOU'RE LATE KAKASHI!" Sakura and Naruto said, while at the same time he was saying some made up excuse.

"Tch, all this noise." I said rubbing my head.

"I know how you feel.." He said putting his hands in his pockets.

"Anyways, we need to go to the Hokage to get our mission." Kakashi said, starting to walk of in the direction of the Hokage.

"Hey Hope!" Wolfie said, with a worried expression.

"What?" I said whispering still looking straight forward.

"Were in an anime." She said

"...YOU DON'T SAY?" I said whispering to her with the "Are-you-fucking-serious?!" face.

"...And in an anime, there's assigned shows, right? Mostly in this show...with a big know...LIKE THE CHUNIN EXAMS!" She said with a worried expression.

I stopped straight up in my tracks, my eyes hidden.

"DAMMIT YOU JUST REMIND ME NOW!!!!!" I said screaming pulling my hair at the same time. That's when i just remembered i was with my team, as they started at me strangely.

"Um, Hachi, are you okay?" Sasuke said with a confused yet strange look.

"H-Hai, I just remembered something that really pissed me off, that's all." I said walking past them.

"So what are you gonna do?" Wolfie continued on, giving me a worried look.

I was hard in thought, until i remembered what Hope had when she entered Konoha.

"...So in the Chunin exams, if i remember correctly...Orochimaru plotted to put the seal on Sasuke, Correct?" I said

"...No clue what you just said but go on." she said leaning on my chest more curious.

"And of course were in an Anime, so we can also CHANGE the story from what it originally was!" I said.

"YHA!- But wont the creator be mad?" She asked.

"No, because i just did a last minute thing, i went into Kishimoto's mind and now he thinks, me and you are also apart of the anime, and is already in the process of writing the new script." I said.

"Okay, whats the point of this?" She said finally questioning.

"So, he's going to make Orochimaru Chase after me instead, because you wanna know why, Hope in this world has all the sharingan's that exsist, and not only that, She has Byakugan, and A kinky dinky (I think that's what there called in the anime ||D) that can make me use my bones as a weapon! I also have a special Jutsu that can make me summon my Scythe but in sword form, ingraved on it is 'Death Mortality' so it pretty much has the same powers of my scythe." I said in accomplishment while going up the stairs to the Hokage's office with my team behind me, continuing there conversations.

"I see! so am I thinking what your thinking?" she said with a smirk.

"Yup! Wolfie, were about to change Naruto in a whole new and happier way!" I said, with a smirk on my face.

Finally, a chance has come to finally make team 7 happy! Sasuke wont have to leave Konoha to do god-knows-what with that damn snake, and the anime might turn out more happier, plus i will never in my life go with that damned snake, even with a curse mark on my neck, and we can end season 1...

With a god damn happy BANG!

To be continued.
Chapter 2 of "Hope In Naruto"! This time another victim as taken place of saying a wish, And that is :iconwolfymccloud:! threw out the rest of the whole series, probably, she is gonna stay a chibi XD Yha i know im evil :iconahurrplz:

Prev--> [link]



Naruto (c) Kishimoto (AGAIN I DO NOT OWN NARUTO!)

Wolfie (c) :iconwolfymccloud:

Hope(Me) (c) Myself

Random Ipod (c) Le Owner XD
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